Well, it's almost time for the release of "Wondrous Beauty" on September 1, which coincides with my performance with Anna Green at the Sunshine Music Festival in Powell River, B.C. Anna and I are thrilled to be opening for CBC Searchlight Winner Desiree Dawson, and looking forward to hearing all of the other performers, including headliner, Dawn Pemberton! Looking forward to seeing many of our B.C. friends and fans at the festival!

Many thanks to Tom Arvidsson from Thirsty Boots in Stockholm for the great review of Wondrous Beauty... calling it "Strong Canadiana with Vision"!  If you love roots music and haven't already checked out Tom's blog, it is a wonderful resource. The title, of course, is taken from Eric Andersen's iconic folk anthem. Complete English translation can be found in the comments section at the end of the blog.

Until next time... keep those thirsty boots moving...

Wondrous Beauty: Strong Canadiana with Vision